Friday, February 25, 2011

Throwing My Hat (And Flies) Into the Ring

Some of my best flies, clockwise from the top left, Trout Fin Sakasa Kebari, Bubble Kebari, Brassie Sakasa Kebari & Ausable Kebari
 Back at the end of January the good people at The Outdoor Blogger Network and The Montana Fly Company decided to present the opportunity of a lifetime to members of the outdoor blogging community.  This opportunity was just to good to pass up and therefore I have thrown my hat (and flies) into the ring.  Briefly, The Montana Fly Company is offering a chance to have a fly or flies that you have designed selected and included in their MFC catalog.  In addition, if your fly or flies are selected you will be included as a paid fly designer by The MFC.  How awesome is that?  There are some pretty talented individuals out there who have submitted flies and the competition should be stiff. If one of my flies were to be selected and  to know that perhaps other fisherman from around the country will use a fly I designed would be cool beyond words.  There is still time to enter for anyone else who may be interested.  All you have to do is follow the guidelines outlined by the OBN link above which includes writing your own post about your flies and then sending your flies sent to Rebecca at the OBN by March 15th, 2011. Be sure to "like" the MFC on their Facebook Page when you enter the contest.  This will help them to facilitate easier communication with people about important updates and new products they have.  And they always have some really cool stuff to check out.
Now for the flies I have chosen to send.  I decided I will submit my Ausable Kebari, Bubble Kebari, Trout Fin Sakasa Kebari, and last, but not least, the Brassie Sakasa Kebari. I have several reasons for selecting these four.  One of the biggest reasons is simply how many times the posts about these particular flies have been viewed.  These four have generated hundreds and hundreds of views, especially the Ausable Kebari.  In addition, when it comes down to fly swaps and giving flies to friends and other fisherman, these are the most requested.  I believe with the popularity of Tenkara in the US and overseas increasing so fast it will only be a matter of time before sakasa kebari and other types of flies, which developed in conjunction with Tenkara rods, begin showing up in major fly catalogs.  Sakasa Kebari are essentially soft hackle flies with the hackle oriented in the reverse direction.  Soft hackle flies have been around for hundreds of years for good reason...they work!  The best part of these flies is that one does not have to fish Tenkara style only to use them.  They will work just as well with traditional western fly gear. My flies are not exactly traditional Japanese kebari.  I have incorporated many aspects of American fly designs into them because I feel these flies benefit from the ideas of two different fly fishing cultures.  The bottom line is they do and will catch fish.  If my flies don't make the cut, that's OK, there are some very talented people out there with some great flies.  I just think someday it would be very gratifying to come across another fisherman streamside asking him or her how the fishing is going and see them unhooking a beautiful trout with the fly you designed in it's mouth.


  1. I wish you luck. I would love to see tenkara flies win this contest, & your flies are among the best and most original out there!

  2. The quality of your flies are second to none.
    Although I don't fish Tenkara I absolutly enjoy your work.

    You should do very well in this contest.

    Brk Trt

  3. Thanks guys, I appreciate that very much. Brk Trt, you don't have to fish Tenkara to use these flies. They are just like fishing other soft hackled flies. If you or Troutrageous would like to try some maybe we can do a little miniswap. Both of you have flies that I wouldn't mind trying out. E-mail me if your interested.

  4. Chris...make sure you check out the OBN today ~

  5. I don't know if your checking your past posts, but if you do, Congratulations on your success in the Montana Fly contest.
    Well done

  6. Rebecca & Brk Trt, Thanks very much!