Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Brassie Sakasa Kebari Update

Different flavors of the Brassie Sakasa Kebari 
 I still feel very new to this blogging thing.  I'm still trying to learn how to get this blog the way I would like it to look.  The problem is that I only get a few minutes here or there to figure things out.  Fort instance, I have been trying to place a picture in my header and for the life of me can not get that to happen.  Every time I try the picture disappears right after the whole blog gets loaded down.  But I keep fiddling with it.  In the course of trying new things I discover new features that I had not played with or ignored for one reason or another.  Just recently I started to look at the stats section of my dashboard and I was kind of blown away.  I originally started this blog for me personally as sort of an on-line diary with the idea that maybe a few friends and family might look at it.  My blog has become more to me than I intended and I have enjoyed the kind and informative comments I have received.  However, I have become a little addicted to looking at the stats section. Accidentally or not, my blog has been looked at almost 3,000 times and there have been viewers from as far away as Argentina and Indonesia.  There have been quite a few from Russia and Europe too.  I find that very cool.  I also find it very interesting to see how certain posts are still being looked at over and over again.  By far the most popular was my original post about the Ausable Sakasa Kebari.  The next post that has been viewed quite a few times is about my Brassie Sakasa Kebari.  This is one of my five favorite patterns that I have come up with in the past year and I plan on fishing it hard this year.  Along with other ideas I have been playing with, I have tinkered with this pattern a little by changing the color wire used. I'm hoping the red will be a little more attractive to trout and that the green will be a little more subtle than the copper on very bright days.  In addition, I think the green is a little more realistic, in terms of bug color.  I have a few more colors of wire on the way (i.e. blue and charteuse) and am hoping to add a few more variations to this pattern.  So until winter lets up a little I'm going to keep it up at the fly tying snack tray table and try not to become obsessed about who might be reading my words from half way around the world.


  1. Your problems with the blog are similar to mine. I am the absolute worse when it comes to computers, and how to figure things out, thats part of it I guess. So have fun.

    By the way the flies are great, as is your presentation.

  2. Brk Trt, If it were not for Blogger's templates, I would never be able to pull off anything when it come's to blogging. Frankly, I'm shocked when I'm able to acomplish anything on a computer. But I guess it's like the rest of life, you never stop learning. Thanks, the cork stoppers were something I found in a drawer in my lab and I thought they would come in handy.

  3. Blog stats can be addicting. That's a nice following you've developed, something to be proud of.

    Oh yeah, email me, I might be able to help you with that image thing.

  4. The stats thing can be addicting. I'm fascinated by the same things you are. I find the search terms that people use to arrive at my blog the most interesting.
    You and I are apparently running a close race. I'll probably break 3,000 this week.

  5. Troutrageous, I think I'll take you up on that offer when I get another chance to tinker with the site.

    Jay, I'm usually puzzeld by some of the search terms. Some are in a different language or some are looking for who knows what...It's interesting but sometimes strange.