Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Traveling Sakasa Kebari Fly Tying Kit: UPDATE

The Kit's Contents
Every once in a while I examine the stats section of my blog just to satisfy my curiosity.  I am always facinated by the search terms people use and where many of the people who view the site come from. I also take note of which posts people will tend to view the most.  This would include an earlier post on the very topic presented here.  I have been meaning to update this one for a while.  I have always liked to create small portable kits that would be complete have many uses.  This would include kits for fishing, survival and hobbies.  The traveling sakasa kebari fly tying kit was just an extension of that little obsession.  Once created, I usually continue to tinker with these "kits" to improve on them in one way or another.  This portable fly tying kit is essentially the same as I described before except that I have added several more components to increase the fly pattern possibilites.

Various flies can be tied using this kit including but not limited to those pictured above.  Pictured above are Stewarts Black Spider, Orange Partridge, Bubble Sakasa Kebari's,  olive Takayama Sakasa Kebari, Brown Watchet, and a black s.k. with gold wire rib and male pheasant hackle.

List of Materials and Tools

1 Bobbin
1 small hackle plier
1 small sisccor
1 needle
1 small vial with head cement
1 small pin vise

"prepared" hackle feathers from the following:
Hungarian partridge
male pheasant
Indian hen back
peacock herl

small gold wire (for ribbing)
midge sized sliver-lined glass tiers beads
Mustad C49S size #10 & #12 scud hooks
Standard Mustad dry fly hooks size #14 & #12
Pearsall's silk thread in Olive, Hot Orange, Black, and Brown (when I pack it tight)

It might be unbelievable but I can pack all of the materials and tools into one Altoids tin and if you try to tie every conceivable pattern with the included materials there are well over 50 types or variations of flies that can be done.  In addition, I can now tie a number of great North Country Spider patterns as well.  These would include the Orange Partridge, Stewarts Black Spider, Light Needle and Brown Watchet.  With the addition of larger hooks I could even drop the vise to tie with only my hands.  And the use of the four different colors should allow me the flexibility to cover a wide range of insect colorations. As I stated in my original post, this kit will never replace my usual set up but It's nice to know whether I'm on the road or stream side I have a kit in my pocket that will allow me to tie up some flies whenever I want.


  1. That's a great kit, especially if your giong to visit a stream never fished. If needed you could tie up a fly that would perhaps fit the bill.

    A+ Kiwi.

  2. Nice, I love small things with many uses. Pearsal's silk and a few game bird wings and you can tie a ton of flies - kind of a MacGyver thing, I guess ! When I travel for work I usually take a small fly tying kit to pass the time rather than watching the junk on TV but how do you get a vise into an Altoids tin ?