Monday, August 8, 2011

My Favorite Kind of Fishing Trip

Bella and her "Barbie Rod"
 I do all kinds of fishing in all sorts of places.  There are some kinds of fishing that I find more appealing than others.  I love the fight a striper puts on when I'm down in the harbor but I'll always prefer fishing for small wild brookies in a remote forest stream.  However, there is one type of fishing that I prize most of all...and they are the trips that include fishing with my daughter.  We have not done too many trips this year but I always enjoy them.  This past Saturday we headed down to the millpond for some bass and bluegills.  We spent about and hour catching and getting a quick look at a number of fish before releasing them.  But like any 5 year old her attention began to drift and I soon began to hear the familiar "Can we go now?" 

The next thing she said took me by surprise however.  Bella asked "Can we go down to the dock?"  I knew she meant Stony Brook Harbor, which leads to Long Island Sound.  I have never fished with her down there before... but a chance to fish a little more...who would pass that up?  I have been doing real well with cocktail blues and there were plenty of snapper blues around so I thought it would be a good idea and it was only three minutes away from the millpond.  When we arrived there were a number of people down there with their kids doing the same thing.  The bottom line was that I pulled in one bluefish and Bella lost a plastic worm to a fish which made her scream with excitement.  In the end, she told me it was OK she didn't catch a fish because she had a lot of fun.  To me...that meant the world.  It's not the number of fish caught that matters but the quality of the time spent doing so and the company who spend it with you.  That is why a fishing trip such as this can not be beat and will always be treasured.


  1. Treasured, as they should.
    Thanks dad.

  2. Aww.. how cute. A father-and-daughter bonding time through fishing is just touching. I kinda wish that I too had this sort of trip with my dad when I was still younger. And it's good to see that she really had fun.

    Melanie Daryl