Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Grizzly King Sakasa Kebari

Grizzly King Sakasa Kebari
The Grizzly King is one of my favorite wet flies.  The first time I came across it was while perusing through web pages dedicated to those beautiful flies known as classic wets.  Many of these fly patterns have been around for quite some time and have very interesting histories.  The Grizzly King is mentioned in Mary Orvis Marbury's "Favorite Flies and Their Histories."  I have converted a number of these type of flies into sakasa kebari such as a Royal Sakasa Kebari, Trout Fin Sakasa Kebari and the Abbey Sakasa Kebari.  Others have done this as well and I think they make beautiful kebari.  For anyone interested the recipe can be found in my fly box.


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  2. Now that's a beauty, Chris! Maybe this one will inspire me and put me out of my fly tying funk.

  3. Thanks Karel! Want to get out of a funk? look to the classic wet flies for inspiration....I have more to show soon.