Monday, August 19, 2013

Snappers.....Or Lack There Of

The target
 I generally spend about 99% of my time fishing alone.  Most of the time that's what I prefer because a little time spent outdoors with your own thoughts can do wonders.  However, I do find it fun to fish with others especially my kids or my Dad.  But this past Sunday I had the chance to fish with fellow tenkara enthusiasts and bloggers Morgan Lyle and Chris "Tenkara Bum" Stewart.

Morgan taking a break
 The object of the trip was to catch some juvenile blue fish (snappers) tenkara-style.  Living on Long Island, Morgan and I have ample opportunity to catch snappers every summer but Chris has wanting to give a go at it since last summer.  The water looked promising at first with plenty of bait fish around and some splashing here and there but the trip wound up being less than epic.  The snappers were there but very few were caught.  As I was reminded, some days the fishing just does't pan out...though I still feel bad for the guys having made a long trip to my home turf.

Chris Stewart  looking for some snappers
Following our less than successful salt water foray, Morgan had to head home to take care of some responsibilities while Chris and I decided to head over to a local millpond for some warm water action.  This proved to be more productive for the both of us. Chris provided me with very cool flies to try out which worked very well for the blue gills. I'm hoping the guys were not too disappointed and that maybe we could give it a go sometime in the future.