Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Old "Mudhole"

Isabella's first fishing trip, age 3
The other day I was going through old pictures on my computer when I came across the picture of Bella above.  She was three years old in it and it was her very first fishing trip.  We had just purchased her first fishing pole, a small pink barbie rod from a local sports store.  Prior to going to the millpond, we practised casting out in the backyard and she got the hang of it pretty quickly. Now I don't remember my first fishing trip with my dad, or even many of the particular trips that I went on, but this picture does bring back memories of fishing when I was a kid.  I can still remember my first fishing pole and tackle box.  The pole was a spinning outfit about 5 foot and a hideous yellow and black color and I wore it out from so much use.  One place I used it frequently was the "Mudhole." The Mudhole was a community park with a small lake/big pond in the town where my parents grew up and according to my dad that's what most people called it.  One end of the lake had a picnic and playground.  The other side had a public beach where you could swim.  My grandmother used to work at the gate to the beach checking resident passes and collecting fees.  In the summer, my sister and I would spend a week at a time going with grandma to the lake each and everyday.  I was only a couple years older than Bella is now when I first started going.  It was great, my grandmother would give my sister and I the run of the park for the day.  My sister spent most of the day hanging around the picnic pavillion and I chose to go fishing. At the far end of the pond, beyond the swimmers, I could spend the entire day by myself fishing with that ugly little yellow pole.  With some spinners and a can of worms I would rake in panfish, bass, perch, and catfish by the dozens.  Grandma was usually happy to have some extra fish brought home for dinner but more often than not was not pleased when I refused to clean the fish.  These summer fishing trips lasted for quite a few years and I never grew tired of them and they are among my fondest memories.  I realize that Bella and her sister will probably never fish quite the same amount that I did.  I am happy to know that she does enjoy it when we do go and that someday she will look back at this photo and it will bring her happy memories. 


  1. A very good read... thanks!

    Ryan - The Average Joe Fisherman

  2. Ryan, thanks. Keep up the good work on your blog. I very much enjoy reading the average joe.