Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Next Swap

Royal Sakasa Kebari's
 The calendar says we have about 33 more days till spring and the temperatures have been a little milder than is usual for this time of year lately.  It gives me hope that winter will soon be over and we can all get back to the business of fishing the way we like to.  In the mean time while I bide my time, I have entered another fly swap with the folks on the Tenkara USA forum.  This time I decided to tie my Royal Sakasa Kebari.  It's an easy tie and a very effective fly.  I did quite well this past year with it when I went after small stream brook trout.  You may notice one fly in the picture has an orange band in the middle and not red.  This is the "prize fly."  In the last tenkara fly swap, Daniel at Tenkara USA tied one fly differently and the person who received it (I was the lucky winner) also received a tin of Tenkara green tea as a prize.  For this swap, I thought I might do the same thing.  For the winner, I will tie up 6 sakasa kebari's that I have posted on this blog and mail them to them following the swap.  I think this adds a little more fun to the fly swap.  When the swap is over I plan to post the pictures.  In the meantime another Tenkara fly swap was completed on the Tenkara-Fisher forum.  You can get a good look at the flies by going to Tenkara on the Fly.  All of the flies are done very well and I think it's cool to see the different ideas that go into tying these type of flies.


  1. Just like soldiers in dress uniforms, waiting for orders to do battle with Fontinallis.

    Great stuff

  2. Soldiers....I like that, I'll have to remember that one. Thanks.