Thursday, March 3, 2011

29 Days and Counting

Well, we are now coming down the home least here in New York.  It's 29 days and counting till the official opening of trout season on April 1st.  There are a few places around the state, especially here on Long Island, that have an all year open season on trout but this winter has put the kibosh on many attempts to go out.  I'm looking with great anticipation to get back to some of my favorite small streams and look for some brookies.  I'm also eager to try many new fly patterns I have been introduced to this past winter.

Brook Trout

I also have plans to do a little more salt water fishing this year.  I purchased a 15 ft hera rod at the end of last summer and only had the chance to catch a few snappers (baby bluefish) down in the harbor.  I plan to use this pole in a more "Tenkara-like" manner this summer and go after some stripers.  I'll do a future post about my set up and the flies I have been tying for this purpose.  I even thought about doing some handline fishing from the kayak.  But most of all, 29 days or not, I'm really looking forward to getting outside more.  The kids and I feel like we have been stuck inside more than we care for.  Last week one of the surest signs of spring, at least to me, showed itself.  The red-winged black birds and grackles began arriving and setting up shop.  When I see them, despite what the calender says, I know spring and serious fishing is right around the corner.

Partridge Berry


  1. Nice photos. Hang in there... it's not that far off. Looking forward to hearing more about hera rod fishing.

  2. Man, around here we can't seem to put back to back days of 40 degrees. Still a lot of snow.
    I guess we should think positive though.