Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Why Do We Blog About Our Outdoor Life?

Verkeerder Kill Falls
 Why do we blog about our outdoor life?  That was the question posed on the latest prompt by the Outdoor Blogger Network.  It's a simple question, but for many of us, I think the answer is more complex and elusive.  I personally started this blog for me as a way to keep an online journal of my outdoor activities, especially fishing.  But like a lot of other things in this world, it has evolved with time. 

Autumn on the Coxing Kill
 I find that I have come to enjoy other aspects of blogging that I had not previously given much thought to.  I look forward to the interaction that I have had with other bloggers and people just stopping by to say "Hello."  I also realize what a powerful medium this has become.  Blogging not only connects others but it has the power to entertain, inform, and inspire.  Blogging about Nature and our experiences related to it can only serve to reinforce the importance of preserving it for us now and for future generations.

The Shawangunks
We have a responsibility to care for the land and all its inhabitants.  Maybe on a conscious or sub-conscious level many of us blog to document the excitement, potential dangers, and the beauty of Nature to remind ourselves of that responsibility.

Mountain laurel and Awosting Falls


  1. Those falls are amazing...thanks for the share!

  2. Ed, Thanks.

    River Damsel, All of those pics are from a state park practically in my "backyard" from where I grew up. I still visit them whenever I get home to see my Mom & Dad.

  3. Thanks for the nice read this morning :) I agree with you wholeheartedly.

  4. Beautiful pictures (especially when I'm looking out the window watching even more snow fall). Great blog.

  5. FishCreekSpinners, d. nash, theargosgirlchronicles....Thanks very much, Iappreciate it!

  6. Love those watwerfall shots! Just found your blog via OBN...stopping by to say "Hello". =)

  7. Thanks Coloradocasters, I hope you'll stop by again sometime.

  8. Great reasons to blog. I like the bit about a nature blogger's responsibility. I think I felt that without really knowing it, until I read your post.

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