Sunday, April 3, 2011

At Last!

First Brookie of 2011
  Year in and year out, I enjoy watching the cyclical progression of the seasons.  Fall is followed by winter.  Winter is always followed by spring and then trout season and then finally summer.  That right, on my calander there are 5 seasons!  And Trout Season is here at last!  Actually on Long Island there is no closed season for trout in many places but if I want to catch wild brookies I have to wait till April like most every one else in NY.  After a long winter I could look for a place to catch the biggest and fattest fish I could find but I actually prefer the solitude of the woods with a small bubbling brook and the chance for wild brook trout.

This year has started off on a good note.  Despite the cool weather and the water running a little high in places I managed to bring a few nice little brookies to hand.  Just to be out on the water and casting around would have been enough for me but the trout made it extra nice.

Brookie #2

Another brookie with a mouth full of Ausable Kebari
I also elected to use only one pattern on this trip.  One fly I have eagerly been waiting to try is my Ausable Kebari.  I have sent some of these flies to other anglers and have been glad to hear they have done well with them.  This fly will probably never reach the mythical status of an Adams dry or Royal Wulff but I still find it very cool to know there are some anglers out there who will land a nice fish with a fly that I tied.

All and all it was a very nice first outing of the season and I look forward with great anticipation to the coming days when I can get outside and spend some time pursing one of my favorite activities.


  1. Nice job ! Looking forward to fishing the Adirondacks (right now the rivers are probably full of snow run-off)

  2. Nice report of a fine outing.
    The stream looks to be in good shape, as do the brookies.
    Your choice of only using one pattern is a good idea, something I do often.
    And lastly that pattern you developed will bring in many over the next few months.

  3. Thanks very much guys. I appreciate it!

  4. Good on you Kiwi! Glad to see those wild fish are still in N.Y.