Friday, April 15, 2011

And Second Place Goes To........

Updated version of the Bubble Kebari
 Well, as a many of you may already know, one of my entries into the Montana Fly Company's contest placed 2nd!  I found out last Friday through an e-mail by a  fellow outdoor blogger and Tenkara angler ,which started my weekend off on a good note.  I must say, I'm still pretty happy about it and want to thank everyone who has said such nice things about my Bubble Kebari and how it placed.  And to be honest, after perusing through many of the other flies entered and the fact that a sakasa kebari style fly is on the fringes of all the kinds of flies being tied here in the US, I didn't think it had a chance.  Many of the other flies that I saw were outstanding and deserve a place somewhere in MFC's catalog. 

I also want to thank The Montana Fly Company and The Outdoor Blogger Network for this opportunity.
I had a lot of fun tying the flies and participating in the contest.  If you get the chance, try and check out the MFC, they offer an outstanding selection of flies (Disclaimer:  No, they didn't pay me to say that.  But they really do have some cool stuff).

Other Bubble Kebari's
However, despite how well the fly did, I have decided to update the Bubble Kebari a little.  I have always used silver mylar tinsel wrapped like a collar for the "bubble."  I like the look of it but I hate working with mylar tinsel.  One mistake and the whole damn thing unravels itself.  I have decided (after the suggestion has been made a couple of times) to use a small silver lined fly tyers glass bead. I like the way it looks alot but it's a bit heavier.  I guess if I want to keep the fly real high in the water column I will do it the old way but I really can't wait to give these newer versions a try. Overall this was a very positive experience and I look forward to trying it again.  The most gratifying aspect, to me at least, is to know that someone or several people out there find value in the flies that I have tied and that when they hold up some nice brookie or brown trout or whatever my fly is the one hanging from it's mouth.


  1. Congratulations on a fine finish !

    Have you ever thought about using different colored beads from a craft store to put up in front of the hackle ? I'll bet you could come up with some interesting combinations

  2. Mark, actually the beads I used on these guys were the first beads I have ever used. I received a few different colors for the exact thing you suggest. In the past I have used different colored threads for the head (to simulate big mayfly eyes) and the body for a similar effect.

  3. Mark, Sorry, I forgot to say thanks for the congrats!

  4. Looking forward to seeing the results ! check out the African fly angler's brassies for some bright combinations

  5. The flys are fish takers, and with the addition of that bead will only enhance their ability.