Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Spider Kebari

What the heck is it?
So last night I'm sitting at the tying bench (a.k.a. my snack try table) and I'm trying to think up something new when I came up with the "thing" pictured above.  I have been tying a lot of North Country Spiders lately and wanted to go back to doing some sakasa kebari.  Sometimes I find that when I start out with a idea or destination in mind I wind up somewhere else.  That's what happened here.  I wanted to tie a s.k. that would incorporate deer hair....something like a cased caddis that I could use on still water that would float right in the surface film.  In addition, having the reverse hackle, little tugs and twitches could give it some life.  The fly above doesn't quite match the image I had picture in my head but it might work all the same.  The more I stared at it the more I realized it looked like an orb spider, sort of like a banded garden spider that is common out in the backyard.  So I call this fly a "Spider Kebari."  Spiders may not be a main staple in a trouts diet but I'm sure a few get picked off here and there and they are definitely found near water edges.  As the season goes on I guess I find out if it works or not.  It's kind of funny how, at first, I thought I had just wasted my time (and my first attempt at spinning deer hair) but after looking at this guy for a's kind of grown on me. 
Spider Kebari
Hook: #12 Mustad C49S
Thread: Uni-Thread 6/0, Olive
Hackle: Hungarian partridge
Body: Coastal deer hair, bleached


  1. A cased caddis, dislodged and pushed to the surface, a cripple that would draw attention.
    A good idea, and a nicely tied representation.

  2. Thanks very much! Sometimes when I tie, crazy ideas like this one pop into my head. I plan to try it out soon and will post about how it works.