Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Alina enjoying the first snow of the year
Well 2011 is finally here and I wish a Happy New Year to all!  The last week of 2010 was a busy one and I didn't have much time to post anything. I had the week off and spent most of it enjoying time with my family.  We had our first significant snow fall of the winter with about 14" of the white stuff. I find this is a great time to be a parent. I can go out and enjoy sledding and snowball fights like when I was a kid and no one gives me funny looks because I'm doing it with my kids. 

Don't let Bella's smile fool, you she is a devious snowball fighter
I also managed to get one fishing trip in.  My final 2010 trip was also my last "skunking" of the year, though it didn't matter.  Just to be outside and have some time off was just what the doctor ordered.  Hopefully my first 2011 winter fishing trip will be more fruitful.  During the week I also managed to finish tying the last of my flies for a fly swap I joined on the Tenkara USA forum a few weeks ago (  I tied a dozen Ausable Sakasa Kebari and sent them on their way.

One dozen Ausable Sakasa Kebari

I have only managed to see a few of the flies that are to be exchanged but I'm having a hard time waiting to see what the others will look like.  One really nice fly can be found at .  It's called the "Blue Poison Sakasa Kebari" and it not only has a cool name but its a beautiful fly.  I have also seen Daniel Galhardo's (founder of Tenkara USA) fly.  He posted a great video of how to tie a sakasa kebari style fly.  I planned to post a picture of all the flies from the swap when they arrive.  If I don't, several of the other participants in the fly swap are planning to do the same on their blogs or the Tenkara USA flies part of the forum.  Until then I will just have to keep waiting and keep tying.


  1. That smile is worth a snowball in the belly.

    Great looking flies, and the presentation photo, top shelf.

  2. Just a question.
    I see you tie the Ausable Sakasa Kebari with only Grizzly hackle. Have you ever tied it with the brown, or both together?

  3. Thanks for the compliment. For the most part I only use gray or brownish hungarian partridge for the hackle. Other than some pieces of india hen feathers I only have one pelt from a partridge to work with (money is tight). I have tried on a couple of occassions to use both the india hen and partridge but it gets too bulky. I like to tie my sakasa kebari a little on the sparse side, like a north country fly. However, I think they would look better with both brown and grizzly colors. By the way, the snowballs usually get me in the rear, that's why she is so devious.

  4. Hi Kiwi, thanks for the flowers on the Blue Poison Sakasa Kebari. I am very much looking forward to get my hands on your Ausable Sakasa Kebari, lol. This swap thing is fund and I can't wait what will be next. Oh, yes, and a Happy New Year! Karel

  5. Karel, No problem. It's a beautiful fly and deserves some props. HNY! back at you!