Friday, January 21, 2011

The Hendrickson Sakasa Kebari

The Hendrickson Sakasa Kebari
 Streams and rivers are more than just places to find and catch our favorite types of fish.  They are incredibly diverse, beautiful and complex webs of life.  The life cycles of many stream inhabitants are truly amazing. Most anglers are acutely aware of the life cycles of most of a streams insects and fish.  However, there are far more animals and plants that thrive in and around streams.  Various amphibians, leeches, crayfish, small and large mammals, and birds also depend on streams and rivers for their survival. How all of these organisms interact with one another will determine how my main interest....trout, will behave.  Trout follow the same rules as most other animals, eat, reproduce and avoid being eaten.  One of a trout's main menu items are hendrickson may flies.  I will not go into their biology here.  For those interested, is a wonderful web site that details much about the aquatic insect life found stream side.  There are also some incredible photos to be found there.  It was after visiting that site I decided to create some more "realistic" sakasa kebari.  I will point out that with Tenkara this kind of fly tying is unnecessary.  For the most part anyone could catch fish with a simple black thread body/hackle fly.  Tenkara is more about an anglers skills and presentation than using the perfect fly.  I have tied this particular fly for fun and a little variety.  I included a orange silk thread head because it reminds me of the large eyes on a hendrickson mayfly and brown thread for the main body.  I also included a gray thread rib to simulate the segmentation in thorax and three moose hair fibers for a tail.  I am not really a "match the hatch" kind of guy, but I don't think a little more realism in my kebari is going to hurt my chances at bringing a trout to hand.  Who knows? it may even help my less than perfect Tenkara skills.

Hendrickson Sakasa Kebari
Hook: Mustad C49S
Hackle: Hungarian partridge
Body: Pearsall's silk, orange for the head and brown for the body
Rib: 6/0 gray uni-thread
Tail: Moose hair

A quiet place to contemplate

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  1. Another fine fly. Its going to be nice when you start post your sucess this spring using those flies.

    Many times while fishing a small woodland stream, Ill stop for a half hour or so and just take in whanature has to offer. Its always rewarding.