Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Guess This Means No Fishing?

Millpond in Setauket where I do most of my fishing for bass and bluegills.
 I'm not one to generally complain about snow, but really?  I love hiking in the snow and playing with my kids in it but this storm may have been a little too much.  Alina is twenty months old and loves to go out in the snow but it's just about up to her neck.  How is she or Bella supposed to move around, let alone play in the stuff?  Even trying to fish some of the tidal streams here on Long Island is a no go.  That leaves fly tying (which I love) and indoor games with the kids.  However, I don't like being inside too long, I need the fresh air even if it's in the 20's.

Looking toward the north end of the millpond and the bridge I usually fish from.
I guess all I can do is tie a little, dream of nice little brookies in small mountain streams, and wait till spring.  When the pond finally does open up this spring here are a couple of flies I'm looking forward to trying.

Diawl Bach, copper rib

Diawl Bach, red floss rib
 Diawl Bach's are supposed to be real good to fish in lakes and ponds and they are a cinch to tie.  They have only four materials, thread, brown hackle for a tail and beard, peacock herl for the body and wire or floss for a rib.  If anyone out there has used these successfully I would appreciate any comments.


  1. when all else fails, tie flies

  2. That's the great thing about fly fishing. Even when you can't do it, you can still do something directly related to it.