Friday, January 14, 2011

Tenkara Fly Swap

Ausable Sakasa Kebari, my contribution to the swap
Last night I finally received a package that I have been eagerly waiting for (almost as much as my first Tenkara rod).  The flies from my first fly swap that I participated in just arrived.  I am having a hard time trying to decide whether I will fish them or not.  There are many cool color combinations and they very well tied.  They range in complexity from a simple black thread and hackle feather to the blue poison sakasa kebari and it's intricate parts.  The best part, in using Tenkara, is that all of these flies will catch fish.  I want to thank Erik Ostrander on the TenkaraUSA forum for organizing this fly swap and Daniel Galhardo for introducing Tenkara to the US and providing the forum for Tenkara fishers to be able to converse.  Below is a list of all of the fly swap participants.  I listed their Tenkara USA user names instead of their real names because I either do not know them or am unsure if they want their real names used here.  The pictures are in no particular order and I was unsure if names had been given to the flies or not but I did included them if a name had been provided.
CM_Stewart aka TenkaraBum
257 ROBT

1. Blue Poison Sakasa Kebari, goneflyfishing

2. 257 ROBT

3. Daniel @ Tenkara USA
4. Tenkara Bum

5. ezpickens

6. wupperfischer

7. wrknapp

8. erik.ostrander

9. gentlesheperd

10. jayfisher

11. masjc1

I also want to thank Daniel at Tenkara USA and Chris Stewart at TenkaraBum for the cool extras included with the flies.  I enjoyed doing this and look forward to the opportunity to try this again. In addition, if you go to the forum on TenkaraUSA's website there will be more in depth information about some of the flies pictured here. Great job on all of the flies guys!


  1. Those are all wonderful flies. Well done .

    But I have to say that #4 Tenkara Bum would be a real killer in my streams.

  2. I completely agree. I have seen his killer bug without the hackle, but with looks absolutely deadly. I want to rush right out and get a match for yarn he uses and tie some up.

  3. Good luck on the yarn.... I have been looking close and far for a good substitute. There is supposedly Jiffy's Camel Spray 403 that is close but I haven't been able to find some in stores - yet.

    Thanks for putting up all the pictures, I was planning to do the same tonight for my blog but now I just might to put up a link to your site.... oh well, probably not. It'll be fun taking pix of those gorgeous flies.

    Tight Lines!!!

    ps: I love your Ausable Sakasa Kebari!!! It will not stay in the fly box for long...

  4. It's only hard to find if you don't want to buy on line. You can buy it here: or here: The first is easier to buy from but the second has a better color chart.

    The color I use is Sand (#183), which is a pale oatmeal color but it has the critical red fibers running through it. When the body is tied and the hook is still in the vise, I color it with a Prismacolor marker that by coincidence is also Sand (#70). I have recently acquired a sample of the original Chadwicks 477 (about 2" - but more than enough to be a color standard). The Sand marker is a bit too brown and not gray enough, so I will renew my search.

    The fly in the swap has a hackle of hen pheasant, but I've also had good results with partridge and bob white - and of course, no hackle at all, which has the benefit of being easier to tie.

  5. Thanks for the links Chris. MidgeMan mentioned in his blog the "camel spray" yarn but I am not sure if he is also using a marker. Preferably, I would like to find some yarn that does not require "pain jobs" on flies. But to be quite honestly, this is not really on the top of my priorities, tying wise. I picked up a box of various color's of scudd dubbing at a sale and I think I might something suitable there (and use the dubbing in a dubbing rope). Thoughts?

  6. Karel,

    Add a strand or two (no more) of red mohair or red wool to your dubbing rope.

  7. Wow, nice job with the flies everyone.

  8. Troutrageous, thanks for the compliments. I'm still hoping you host a swap.

    Chris and Karel, thanks for the info on the killer bug. I'm sure others out there besides me found it very helpful. And both of your flies were awesome.