Monday, January 10, 2011

Fly Tying with Bella

My fly tying partner, Isabella
 One of the great things about being a Dad is the time you get to spend with your kids and the memories that are made.  Last November I posted about my first tying adventure with my little girl, Bella.  There was a very positive response to this post in the blogging community that I had recently joined.  It was nice to know that there were a number of other parents out there who were sharing time with their children and introducing them to outdoor related activities in a positive way.  I have been a Dad now for almost 5 years and if there is one thing that has definitely hit home with me is that the time with them goes very fast.  Before I know it Bella and Alina will be teenagers and then off to college.  I try to keep this in mind and take every opportunity to share everything with them, including my love of the outdoors and all that goes with it.  Recently Bella had another chance to "design a fly" with her daddy. 

The Purple Fuzzy Kebari
The Purple Fuzzy Kebari is Bella's latest sakasa kebari.  I laid out the materials and then she told me how she wanted them placed on the hook.  Then she gave it it's name.  She was eager to go try it out on some bluegills right then and there but I had to explain to her that we would have to wait till spring and the ice to melt before that.  I look forward to that day with great anticipation.  Like Bella's first fly, it doesn't matter if a fish is caught or not, the time together will be what counts.

Purple Fuzzy Kebari

Hook: Mustad C49S
Thread: Pearsall's silk, purple
Hackle: Hungarian partridge
Body: dubbed Australian opossum
Rib: fine gold wire


  1. Great happenings going on there.
    A fine fly.

    Thanks Dad

  2. I will tell Bella you liked her fly. Time with family is the only thing better than fly fishing.