Tuesday, March 20, 2012


C. S. Special....Dark
Sometimes when I'm just about done tying flies for the night I like to experiment a little.  Most of the time this simply amounts to tying a variation of one of my favorite flies.  Today's post follows along those lines.  I have a few sakasa kebari that I really like such as my Royal Sakasa Kebari and my olive Bubble Kebari.  However, I have a newer fly that I plan to fish pretty hard this year....the C.S.Special.  A while back Chris "TenkaraBum" Stewart sent me some of his Shetland Spindrift "Nymph Yarn" and I thought to put it to good use.  So pictured above is a variation of the C.S.Special using just the dark strand of the nymph yarn (the nymph yarn contains two strands, a brown and charcoal black one). For anyone interested, I'll post the recipe on the fly box page soon.

C.S.Specials...original and dark version


  1. Those would have killed them today.
    Nice flies.
    I fished one your patterns today, don't ask me which one though. Hooked a well proportioned brown that took me and the 2wt into a root jam then broke off.

  2. Thanks Brk Trt! I'm always happy to hear that a fly I tied has worked for another angler. If you want a replacement fly just let me know. I'm looking forward to fishing the one pictured above.