Thursday, March 8, 2012

Just A Thought....

Key chain pill holder
"Knock on wood"....It's never happened to me but I have read or heard about it enough.  A slip on some moss cover rocks or a case of "butter fingers" and a fly fisher might just watch a box of perfectly good flies go sailing down stream.  Now, some anglers might have another box on them and there are no worries but I tend to be "Mr. what if?"  I generally carry one fly box and one only.  I drop it and that would be a wrap for the day usually because I'm too far from the Jeep to get the rest of my flies or the only ones I have with me are in a single box.  So I have wondered about the best way to have a few extra flies on me.  The first thought was a  mini Altoids tin that goes in my pocket and that would work but I think I have found something even better.

A few Royal Sakasa Kebari and C. S. Specials easily fit into the pill holder
I had this key chain pill holder (available at many pharmacies) laying around and thought it would solve the potential problem of losing a fly box while on the water.  It could  be strung onto a lanyard and would be easily accessible.  It can hold 8-12 flies depending on their size.  For the "one-fly" tenkara angler that would be enough for an afternoon of fishing.  For other fly fishers it could provide quick and easy access to your go-to or confidence flies without having to fumble through various fly boxes.    Most importantly, if you lose that fly box...your day doesn't have to end prematurely.  It's just a thought.


  1. Kiwi - that's a great idea (attaching the pill box to a lanyard). I don't like having a lot of wt hanging from my neck but that might just be the trick. Thanks for the suggestion !

  2. I thought it might be useful and they (the pill holder) weigh almost nothing. I figure it's a handy place for backup flies or access to go-to flies. I always have a whistle on me for safety reasons and the pill case would easily attach to that.

  3. I have flies in a sheepskin patch , in my hat and have been known to be in my ear... But nice neat idea..


  4. Thanks Andy! I thought this would be a good idea because the container is not only watertight but will completely protect the flies as well.

  5. That looks like a great thing to carry flies in. Less to lose is always a good thing. Tight Lines.

  6. T. MaGee...The more I fish the more I want to simplify my gear but at the same time I need a little redundancy to ensure that my day doesn't end prematurely. I'm looking forward to more of your photography this season.