Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tenkara Rod Plugs

Moose antler line holders and tenkara rod plug
The last couple of weekends I have been trying to complete a batch of moose antler line holders to ship off to Chris Stewart the TenkaraBum.  I have made a few for a couple of tenkara anglers here and there but it's taking me a little longer than I would like it to, due to starting a new job. I was finishing up for the day when I decided to take a little survey of the scrap moose antler I still had on hand.  One particular little block of antler caught my eye.  It was roughly the right size for a previous idea I had had.

The first Tenkara USA rod I purchased was a 12' Yamame and I have loved it since the day I received it.  The only issue (if I can even call it an issue) was that the rod plug has always been a little loose and I have always worried that I would loose it.  This is where that piece antler came in. I decided to carve a replacement rod plug just in case the original should be lost.

Moose antler rod plug and original Yamame rod plug

I have seen other types of rod plug replacements on the Tenkara USA forum before.  Some have been made from foam or rubber.  Most replacements are made from inexpensive materials and will serve the purpose quite nicely.  However, I decided to make something that would last a little longer and might be just be good luck to have on me anyway.  I think for the next one I may carve the top into some kind of figurine...perhaps a trout.


  1. Kiwi,
    Very creative.
    Hand made items seem to have so much more personality. They have the artisan craft that make them so appealing.

  2. Thanks Brk Trt...Carving moose antler to create function items for my fishing has become another enjoyable aspect of this fine sport. I have plans to someday carve some wooden fly boxes and construct some fishing nets as well. If only I didn't have to work for a living....

  3. Kiwi, Those are outstanding! Well done my friend.