Monday, May 30, 2011

Music That Soothes

A small jewel hidden in the woods
 Many people lead hectic and fast paced lives and I am no different.  There are times where the daily grind of family, work, and obligations gets to be just a bit too much and I need to unwind and slow it down.  Some people use music as a way to calm the nerves and relax.  I also like to use music for this purpose but my idea of soothing music does not include that which was created by the likes of Mozart or Bach.  I can not just put on a pair of head phones and turn on a switch.  I must go to the source where it is created.

One of my ideas for the perfect place to listen to soothing music
 To me, the  perfect soothing music is created in and around a small mountain stream.  To sit by or stand in a small woodland stream and take it all in can make any bad week seem like a distant faded memory.  From the sound of a small cascade or riffle to the seeming silence near a pool, what could be more pleasant? 

I had the chance this past week for a little hiking and fishing and decided to fully enjoy a front row seat to this concert.  After a little bit of catch and release with some beautiful little brookies I decided to just absorb and enjoy the settings.

Both of these little guys seemed to enjoy a #12 Kiwi's Killer
The woods were a little damp from a thunderstorm the previous evening and despite a little humidity it was a very nice day to be stream side.  While slowly wading upstream, I would alternate between investigations of the stream inhabitants and pausing to take in the sounds of humming insects and black-throated green warblers with their "zee-zee-zoo-zoo-zee" songs.

A small stone fly nymph from a stream bed rock.

Another stream side musician
 Although I could spend days at a time doing this, a few hours would be all that I needed to hold me over till I can have another opportunity to come back to this place.  I ask you...what could be better?


  1. A special post.
    Those masters of classical music were outstanding, but pale in comparison to the sounds of a woodland stream.

    I love the wild jewels.

  2. Glad to see you were out this weekend as well and enjoyed taking it all in. It's really a shame so many people live their whole lives without every knowing the wonder of the sounds, sights, and smells "the road less traveled" has to offer

  3. I couldn't agree more. Sometimes I take my video camera along and just set it on a tripod and record the sweet, sweet sound of the babbling stream. It really is one of the best and most relaxing ways to spend a day. I really like getting out there right before the sun comes up. Right as the birds add their melodious tune. Great Post and Pics. Nice Fish

  4. Mark & Trout Magee....Thanks guys! I'm also glad to know that there are other individuals out there who appreciate these kind of things as well. The more people appreciate and care for these kinds of places the more likely they will be protected for our kids and all who come after them.