Monday, May 23, 2011

The End of the Rainbow?

My fishing competition...the osprey
For me, the fishing on the Nissequogue River at White's Pool has been pretty good. I have always managed a number of trout and only one skunking.  But like all good things.......Most of Long Island's trout waters are stocked and by this point in the spring many are fished out by anglers and other competitors like my friend pictured above.  That is not to say trout can not be had but one must work harder as times goes by.  One good thing about this though is that there will also be fewer anglers to crowd the water.  My latest trip to the pool was a good example of this.  I had the water to myself and plenty of peace and quiet, which was very nice.  But after two hours I noticed few rises from the fish and after trying a number of flies I managed two small rainbow trout on size 12 Killer Bugs.  The only thing that seemed to have increased was a prolific hatch of dark caddisflies (size #14-#16).  I had never seen so many at one time.  The surface of the water seemed to have a dense black fog about 1-2  feet thick.

A colorful Rainbow

Maybe the last rainbow for the spring?
Though the trout fishing maybe on the slow side every cloud has a silver lining.  June is almost here and to me that means more time at the local millpond hunting up some largemouth bass and bluegills and heading down to the harbor to try my hand at catching some bluefish and stripers. There will also be the occasional trip upstate to do some trout fishing.  The end of the summer will bring me back to the season when most waters get stocked again so it all works out pretty nicely.


  1. Nice looking healthy bows. Good luck on the Bassing adventures. I need to get out and look for some BAss myself.

  2. Look at the color of the gill plate on that second rainbow.

  3. Trout Magee, Thanks. Even though the trout fishing slows down around here, the bass more than make up for it. A 3-4lb largemouth on a Tenkara rod is heart-pounding exciting.

    Brk Trt, These were two beauties! Both of them also put on quite a nice areial display.