Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Looking For A Hat Trick & Finding Something Else

Brook Trout
So far I have done pretty well for myself this year on every visit I have made to White's Pool on the Nissequogue.  On my latest trip I landed a nice Brookie and a 15" Brown trout and had an epiphany.  Though I just enjoy being outside and taking in the peaceful setting and C & R'ing a couple of nice fish, there is something that continues to elude me when I fish this stretch of water.  In previous trips I have caught brookies and rainbows, rainbows and browns,  brookies and browns.  But I can't quite seem to catch all three in one outing, which I find a little frustrating and is starting to irritate me.  I guess I should just enjoy the moment and quit worrying about a such a silly thing.  Bottom line....worrying about some arbitrary goal instead of enjoying the actual achievement will only serve to dampen the joy found in pursuing the activity in the first place.  From now on, I will immerse myself in the moment.....the water at my feet, the breeze on my face, the sound of rushing water, and the trout dancing at the end of my line.

Brown Trout


  1. Very true. Enjoy your time on the streams, never set a goal. And you'll set a record every time.

  2. Brk Trt, Excellent words of wisdom. You summed up my post in two small sentences.

  3. It will happen when it happens... probably when you're not trying very hard.

  4. Kiwi and Brk Trt

    I'm with you both, leave the goals and the pre-conceived ideas of what/where to fish and just enjoy what the day presents and learn to be thankful in all things

  5. Those are both really nice looking fish. I really enjoy just listening to the stream. It would be fun to catch all three and I am sure your day will come sooner than later.

  6. Trout Magee,
    Thanks very much for stopping by and the compliments.