Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kiwi's Killer

Kiwi's Killer
It's no surprise to anyone who may read my blog, I love to tie flies (almost as much as fishing them....almost).  I love the experimentation and satisfaction of catching fish that comes with tying my own flies.  I also enjoy to hear about other anglers having success with flies I have tied in other areas of the country that I will never get a chance to fish.  But another fun part of tying is the chance to name a fly that you create.  I think it's important to have names and standardized recipes for flies or how else could you possibly communicate with another angler about the successes or failures of specific flies? (I guess that's my scientific background speaking).  I usually can come up with a name pretty easily.  However, the last fly I posted about, I continually drew blanks on.  So I asked a fellow Tenkara angler for some help.  Chris Stewart (aka TenkaraBum) was kind enough to give me some suggestions.  The fly I tied is really only a modification of a fly he ties regularly.....The Killer Kebari......and I thought it would only be appropriate to ask for his input.

TenkaraBum's Killer Kebari
 I am in a agreement with Chris when it comes to naming flies in that one should not name a fly after themselves.  I think it's OK to have someone else name a fly in your honor.  But for me to name it after myself seems a little conceited.  I am a author or co-author on a number of scientific papers and that is more than enough for me.  But someone may say "hey wait a minute, you did name it after yourself!"  My reply to that would be that actually Chris Stewart suggested that name and it's not my actual name.  Kiwi is only a nickname that was given to me by a football coach in high school.  So I feel OK with that.  The bottom line on this fly is that I like the way it looks and so have some brown trout and I guess that is the more important aspect of this fly and not it's name.  I have included the recipe below for anyone interested in trying it out.

Kiwi's Killer
Hook: Mustad C49S scud #12
Hackle: Indian Hen Back
Body: is tied in the same fashion as a killer bug with a silver-lined
glass fly tyers bead behind the hackle. The hackle is tied
in with Pearsall's silk in brown


  1. They are both very effective looking trout bugs.
    Kiwi, nice stuff.

  2. Brk Trt, thanks very much but I think just as much credit should go to Chris Stewart and Frank Saywer. All (Killer Bug, Killer Kebari and Kiwi's Killer) have worked well in the short time I have tried them.