Saturday, November 30, 2013

The North River Killer

North River Killer
I have not had a lot to post about lately.  Work has been tough with lots of long hours and I have not had much of an opportunity for any outdoor action let alone fishing. I figured it might be a good time for a quick post.  I had a lot of success this year with a Killer Kebari. This includes some rather handsome rainbows on the Nissequogue late in the season. Chris Stewart originated the Killer Kebari and ties his with a brown hackle.  I, like Paul Vertrees, prefer my killer with a grey Hungarian partridge hackle. Despite the effectiveness of this fly I still like to "tweak" flies like this from time to time. I call the fly pictured above a "North River Killer".  The only difference between it and the original is the addition of Krystal Flash in the hackle. I didn't have a chance to fish it this year but I plan on it as soon as I can next year.  For anyone interested the recipe is below.

North River Killer

Hook: Mustad C49S scud hook, size 12
Hackle: Hungarian partridge, color grey & several strands of pearl colored Krystal Flash tied in 
Thread: Pearsall's gossamer silk thread, color brown
Body: Shetland's spindrift wool yarn, color sand & colored with a prismacolor marker, color also sand


  1. Replies
    1. Indeed it's what keeps me going till spring.

  2. I like the body color. It must be awesome when wet.

  3. Thanks Brk Trt....this is the same yarn body I use on other flies including killer bugs. They are very visible in all types of water without being too spooky to the fish. Killer Bugs are my best producers.