Friday, November 1, 2013

Rise of the Jack O' Lanterns

Halloween has always been one of our favorite times of year and it's always seems to fly by so quick. This year in an effort to extend this festive time of year one more night the family made a trip to a Long Island Halloween attraction... Rise of the Jack O' Lanterns.  The RISE features over 5000 carved pumpkins with several groups of pumpkins carved according to certain themes like superheros, the solar system and NY sports teams.  The unseasonably mild weather made the walk through the jack O' lanterns a very pleasant way to spend a Friday evening. Now with Halloween 2013 now in the books hopefully everyone had a safe and happy night and received a bag full of loot.

Our own little RISE
My little "renaissance vampire" and "peacock fairy princess" 


  1. Wonderful. A year when Halloween was able to take place.
    A lot of fine artistry, and perhaps lots of roasted pumpkin seed.

  2. Thanks Brk Trt. Despite Sandy and no electricity we were able to get some trick or treating in last year. This was our first trip to the rise and there was definitely some artistry there.