Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Last Day of Summer.....And School Is In

First schoolie of the day
School actually started a few weeks ago for my kids but I'm talking about schoolie stripers.  This morning I decided to put down my tenkara rod throw some sand worms on a hook and try my hand at some catching some striped bass.  Though I would love to catch one on a tenkara rod I think the average striped bass would be a little too much for most of my rods. There were a number which were willing to oblige me but unfortunately there were no keepers today (need to be at least 28" in NYS marine waters).  There were even a few large sea robins thrown in for good measure.  Overall it was a successful morning. Today definitely seems like the last day of summer and I can feel the change of season more strongly than before.  Autumn is my favorite time of year but I wish I could have been outside just a little more this summer.  There were a number of places I wanted to hike, kayak, and fish but I guess it will have to wait till next year. Hope everyone out there in cyber space had a good summer with no regrets.


  1. If that is west meadow, I am going to have to head over there for some robins, they are some of my favorite

    1. Archaeologyknits...The stripers were caught at the end of West Meadow Creek and the robins were near the boat ramp by the marina in Stony Brook. I never keep the sea robins but I always like the fight in them. The sunset and lifeguard chair was from about a week ago at West Meadow Beach.