Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cicada Sakasa Kebari

17 Year Cicada

I have not had a great deal to blog about lately.....probably does not help that I have had no time to blog either.  However, I have a moment now to write up a quick post for another sakasa kebari that was inspired by a relatively recent trip home to the Hudson Valley.  On my last visit home the periodical cicadas made their first appearance in 17 years. I know there are fly patterns out there specifically to mimic this biological wonder but my sakasa kebari was not meant to imitate but simply use the color scheme.

Cicada Sakasa Kebari
  Hook: Mustad C49S,, size 12
Hackle: Hungarian Partridge, grey
Head: Pearsall's gossamer silk, color red
Body: 6/0 Uni-Thread, color black
Rib: Pearsall's gossamer silk, color hot orange

I don't know how effective this pattern might be but I figure that the bright red head (like the cicadas red eyes) or contrasting orange rib (like the cicada's orange wing veins) might induce a couple of strikes.  I doubt  this pattern will replace any regular pattern in my fly box but it's always nice to tie something a little different and change things up.


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    1. Sorry but I can't spell this early. With all the talk about this massive emergence expected this year, it's funny that I haven't seen a single cicada this year.

  2. My Dad told me they just ended a week or two ago back home. I remember 17 years ago they were a few in some places and looked like a black snowfall in others. The emergence of a separate cicada brood was expected a few years ago here on Long Island and I never saw a single one. Go figure.

  3. In my travels I've not encountered a single one.
    Nice fly.