Monday, February 20, 2012


Awosting Falls, Minnewaska State Park Preserve, New Paltz, NY
It dominates two thirds of our planets surface.  It has the power to shape the face of the land.  When it's frozen and on the move, there is no mountain on Earth which can oppose it. In it's free flowing form it can cut a path from the highest peak all the way to the sea.  As a force of Nature it displays many moods.  At times it can be seen as angry and will rush headlong down a mountainside tearing away boulders as it goes.  Other times it will meander slowly through a meadow and seem to be at peace.
Copperas Pond, Adirondack Mts, NY
It can bring devastation to entire coastlines in a single instant or color to a barren dessert landscape seemingly devoid of life.  Life cannot exist without it.  It connects every living creature on our world with everything else.  Snowflakes that drifted from the sky last winter melt and join it's brethren on the long journey back to the sea to start the cycle over again.  However, in this process, the substance gives life to the deer to slack it's thirst, it gives the trout an environment in which to live, it gives the frog a nursery to grow in, and it gives a child the chance to cool off on a hot summer's day.

The Earth has been blessed with an abundance of it.  It is this abundance which has allowed life to thrive and diversify into the amazing complexity of wonderful and bizarre creatures that inhabit our world.  EVERYTHING is dependent on it for it's existence.

Verkeederkill Falls, Minnewaska State Park Preserve, Gardiner, NY
As anglers, as boaters, as hunters, as kayakers, as humans and stewards of our home planet it is our responsibility to ensure that this natural resource is not abused, that it is conserved, that it will be protected today and into the future to ensure the survival of all other species as well as our own species.  Water has the power to destroy, to shape, to inspire, and most importantly to sustain life.

Sand Street Beach, Long Island ,NY


  1. Water is vital to all we do. Thanks for reminding us all of that seemingly simple fact.

  2. Waters value can never be determined. Much like life.
    Wonderful post.

  3. Jay...Thanks. I personally think everyone needs reminding from time to time. The larger the population becomes the more precious it will become.

    Brk Trt...Thanks. There is nothing on Earth more valuable!