Monday, February 6, 2012

The February Red....Sakasa Kebari

The February Red Sakasa Kebari
I had just finished tying up a bunch flies for The Tenkarabum, the other night, when the urge to do a little experimenting hit me.  Sometimes, when I place an order for tying materials I frequently use, I get "a little something extra" to play with.  A while back I picked up some peacock sticks that were dyed red because I thought the herl might add some sparkle to a new fly.  I was a little tired so I thought I would tie something simple.  The resulting fly is the one pictured above.  I call it a February Red Sakasa Kebari simply because it's predominantly red and I tied it during February (it's not related to or based on older flies in fly fishing literature with the name Feb. Red).  Besides the hook, it only consists of a hackle of starling, a body of red peacock herl and red Pearsall's gossamer silk thread. It's simple to tie and will hopefully be effective when I take it out for a "test drive" this spring.  For anyone interested, I will post the recipe on the "North River Fly Box page".


  1. Looks good Kiwi. They will fish great, i have been tying those up all winter and fishing them here in Idaho. They work everywhere that I have tired them so far. The red Pearsall's really set them off. I also played with adding a bit of red Krystal Flash cloned from your Green Hornet's, results were the same, a fish on the end of my Tenkara rod. ;)



  2. I am really jiving on this fly. I have a perfect stream in mind to give it a try. It has some beautiful Tiger Trout swimming around in it. I have yet to get one but I am sure they can't resist this one :) Thanks for sharing. Tight Lines.

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  4. Good looking fly.
    We brook trout chasers know the value of peacock.

  5. Paul...Thanks! I'm glad to hear they work before I even get out to fish them. That kind of info always saves me time on the stream as to whether I should tie a particular fly on or not.

    Trout MaGee...Thanks! If you get a picture of a tiger trout with one hanging out of it's mouth I would love to see it! Keep me (us) posted.

    Brk Trt...Thanks! Peacock herl is the best! I would never step foot in a stream without one or two patterns that have some peacock herl in them.

  6. Hey Kiwi,

    I've got red hooks now if you really want to go crazy!

  7. Chris...I will keep that in mind. I have never used red hooks for fly fishing or any other kind for that matter. I saw Karel's saksas kebari with a red hook and thought it was sharp (pun not really intended).

  8. very nice and buggy looking. should turn the heads of brookies and cutts for sure. love it.