Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Is Not Just A Speed Bump To Christmas

With TV bombarding you with commercials of Santa dropping a Lexus off at Biff & Buffy's house and Christmas carols rubbing you the wrong way since before Halloween I just wanted to remind everyone out there that one of the best holidays is nearly upon us.  Thanksgiving has become one of my favorite holidays in recent years.  It's not because it's a day filled with turkey, pumpkin pie and football (although those items are awesome!) but because it is a day meant for family and friends.  It's one of the few holidays that does not have the greedy hands of commercialism all over it.  For that... I'm thankful!  So from my family to yours enjoy your feast, save room for pie, pick a team to cheer for and enjoy your Thanksgiving (because Christmas is nearly at the front door).


  1. Kiwi,
    You said a mouthful.
    Thanksgiving is truly a family holiday. Let families enjoy it before the the big push to commercialize the next one.

    Happy Thanksgiving

  2. I agree and would add a time to remember all that we have to be thankful for and I don't mean the stuff we collect. God bless all -

  3. Brk Trt,Mark,& Karel....Happy Thanksgiving guys I hope you and yours enjoy your holiday.