Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tenkara Fly Swap V: The Classics

West Branch Ausable River, Wilmington, NY

Well tenkara fly swap number 5 has been completed and I just received my flies yesterday and once again they did not disappoint.  I must say there are some very talented fly tiers out there and just want to congratulate everyone on a job well done.  The theme for this swap was to tie a tenkara interpretation of a classic western fly.  This swap was a little smaller than previous swaps but I think it worked out well because everyone tied two of their fly contributions, one to fish and one to put in a fly library if desired. I would also like to thank Acheateaux (user name on the TenkaraUSA forum) for hosting the swap.  So without further delay below is a list of the swapped flies with their TenkaraUSA usernames and the name of the classic western fly that was interpreted through tenkara.

Anthony-Pass Lake Wet Fly


Acheateaux-Hare's Ear Variant

erik.ostrander-Purple Haze Kebari

Albertyi-Glossosma Caddis Larva

TenkaraAshley-Snipe and Purple Kebari

Goneflyfishing-Royal Coachman

My contribution-South Platte Brassie, Brassie Sakasa Kebari


  1. I like the purple and snipe, always have

  2. Great ties!! I need to try some of these

  3. It's a great pattern for many reasons. Easy to tie, looks like a lot of things but nothing specific, and as a pattern the snipe and purple has been around for quite some time which means it's very effective. All characteristics I believe a fly should have. Ashley did a nice job.

  4. Dustin...There are members of the tenkara crowd who tie some really nice creative flies. The best part is many are easy to tie and can be used by both the traditonal western-style angler or someone who practices tenkara.

  5. I find them really interesting and never tried this style yet but I love trying new stuff!

  6. A fine group.
    The Royal Coachman is my favorite.

  7. I received my batch of flies but haven't had a chance yet to look at them in detail (until now), but I see a few in there that will be taking many fish on my streams. I really dig the caddis larva.

  8. Brk Trt...They are all really well done and I find it hard to pick a favorite from this bunch but Goneflyfishing is regular for the tenkara swaps and his flies are always among my favorites.

  9. Karel...I have been waiting very patiently for them to arrive and tore into them so fast that I dropped one of Albertyi's flys on the rug and have yet to locate it. Man was I P.O.'d! Hopefully I'll find it tonight so that I have one to fish with soon. I really like the looks of his fly as well as yours.

  10. Kiwi & Brk Trt - thanks for the compliments. I hope to do some more tying soon, I have been itching to sit in front of the vise. Can there be anything like having too many ideas?

  11. Karel...There is no such thing as too many ideas. However, if there is a problem is has to do more with not having enough time to fish them all!

  12. "I got a head full of ideas
    That are drivin’ me insane
    It’s a shame the way she makes me scrub the floor
    I ain’t gonna work on Maggie’s farm no more" B.Dylan

    I hope I can do less floor scrubbing and more tenkara tying. It's always good to see others' flies for inspiration and imitation.
    -Anthony www.castingaround.com

  13. Anthony...I love checking out others ideas for flies. I have always found the stories and reasons for tying a particular fly facinating and I think it only adds to the sport of flyfishing. Other tiers ideas often turn on a light upstairs that lead me to do some experimenting.