Friday, October 15, 2010

A nice weekend

Bella and Alina enjoying an apple at the orchard

 It the simple things that make life sweet.  I spent a weekend at my parents house (Newburgh) with my wife and the kids.  It was our anual trip to papa and nana's house to do some pumpkin picking and get some cider and apples.  This is always my favorite time of year.  I was a little disappointed with the falls colors.  Perhaps it was the long dry summer or that were are just a little too early.  It doesn't matter its always nice to be here.  The weather was outstanding with clear skies and highs in the low 60's and lows in the low 30's....Perfect!  The night skies were gorgeous.  The milky way stretched from horizon to horizon.  and the Andromeda was plain as plain can be right overhead.  I miss such unobstructed views at night (without so much light pollution).  I even managed to get some hiking and fishing in.  The girls and I also made it up to Awosting falls for a nice morning stroll.

Bell along the Peterskill above Awosting Falls

On Friday evening before the weekend started I took a quick run down to the mill pond in Setauket for a quick 1/2 hour of Tenkara fly fishing.  Most of the time was spent catching and releasing bluegills.  I was using one of my Hotspot (charteuse) sakasa kebari.  Before leaving I hooked one more bluegill that could not have been more than 4" long. As I was pulling him in a large dark shape darted from the overhanging branches of the pond and inhaled the poor little fellow. In a split second the bluegill passed my #12 sakasa kebari from his lip to that of a 16" heavy largemouth bass. I don't know what happened to the little guy but I didn't care because I now had a real fighter on my hands.  After 5 heart pounding minutes I slowly brought him up to the bridge for a quick look and let him go.  My Yamame held up well and it was quite a challenge.  A nice way to start the weekend.

HotSpot Sakasa Kebari


  1. A day spent with your daughters and a nice large mouth bass. Does it get any better? Very well done.

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  2. No, it certainly does not get better. Your Dad's words of wisdom, that it only takes one fish...sometimes you don't even need that when you get to take your kids fishing with you.