Friday, June 6, 2014

The Three Stages of Fishing With My Kids

Stage 1- Excitement
Recently I had the opportunity to take my girls on a little fishing trip. The stars only seem to line up once in a while for such a trip but I really wanted to make it happen. Going at noon time on a bright sunny day was not ideal but that was the time available. I figured at least a few bluegills would be willing to bite down on a nice fat nightcrawler.

The target
After collecting the gear,  camping chairs, and snacks we failed to obtain the most important thing.....the fish. While waiting I realized that we have gone through this particular series of stages before (my Dad would probably agree he went through the same thing when we were kids). The first stage is excitement. My kids practically explode from the car when we arrive at the pond.

Stage 2 - the wait
The second stage is "the wait". This stage is mainly composed of constantly asking..."Where are all the fish?" "Can we have a snack?" "I have to go to the bathroom!" And the most commonly uttered phrase..."I'm bored!!!"

Stage 3 - Are we done yet?
Then comes the last stage. "I want to go home!" With no fish in sight and narry a nibble the look on Alina's face says it all.....its time to pack up and do something fun like get some ice cream. Would I trade this experience for anything?........absolutely not. Fish brought to hand is not the ultimate goal. The time outside with my girls is the treasure. I am looking forward to our next trip. By the way.....did I mention this trip lasted about 15 minutes?

Wishful thinking on this trip


  1. I remember the "barbie pole" days. I had one daughter who was interested in fishing for a summer and we the most of it. They grow up fast, savor these days!

  2. I definitely understand the importance of appreciating this time in our lives but unfortunately time doesn't slow down even with that understanding. I hope that we can do enough that these memories will always be with them.