Friday, May 9, 2014

Alina's Kebari

It's nice when your kids take an interest in the things that you do. So a couple of weeks ago my youngest, Alina, asked if she could help me tie some flies. It reminded me of the time a few years back when Isabella asked me the same question. I gave Alina the same answer....that she was still just a bit too young to handle sharp hooks and scissors. However, I didn't want to dampen her enthusiasm so I asked her to help me design a fly. I laid out a selection of materials and told her to pick the ones she wanted on the fly. The fly pictured above was the result. I have to admit I really like the look of it and think it could do very well on the water. Of course it would not be Alina's without some pink in it. I'm happy to see Alina's interest in Daddy's hobbies growing. I think any connections you make with your children no matter how small can lead to a lifetime of wonderful memories. Alina has already asked about tying the next fly and I look forward making new memories.

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