Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Preseason & Giant Bugs

With baseball season nearly upon us I thought this posts title would be fitting. Trout season officially begins April 1st across New York State but here on Long Island it never really closes.  Many places are open year round, however, spring stocking usually occurs just prior to the season opener. Today was my first fishing trip since last October and I spent a couple of hours at Randall Pond looking for some stocked rainbows and browns....what I would consider preseason. I started the day fishing night crawlers, wax worms and spinners....nothing crazy. I brought a tenkara rod and flies as an afterthought. Things were going well and I landed a few fish here and there so just for the heck of it I decided to use my tenkara rod for the last half hour. The only flies I had were size 6 Killer Bugs (which I had originally planned to use for bass later this year). I thought that these giant killer bugs (I usually use size 12) might be s bit much but in the end I landed just as many rainbows as I had with my spin rod. Overall it was a nice day to just get out and "warm up" for the upcoming season. It also seems that I have a new fly to add to my fly box for the year.


  1. Went yesterday, and only got a few hits. They do seem to like the larger flies right now.

  2. Seems that wax worms or any fly that looked like a wax worm was the way to go. I think that's why the Killer Bug worked so well. I would give them a try the next time you go back.