Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Usual Trip That Was Not So Usual

The Millpond
 I have not had a tremendous amount of time to do any fishing lately but I did manage a trip this morning down to the local millpond to catch a few bluegill and bass.  It started out like any other trip I have made to the millpond over the last few years but today was to be a little different.  Usually I will not fish in the rain but I have waited all week and I was not going to let a little on and off drizzle deter me.

Northeast corner of the pond with a quiet cove
I thought today might also be a good opportunity to give my new TUSA Ito a work out.  Even though it can zoom to over 14' I choose to keep it at 13'.  So I tied on a tenkara level line as I have done for several years and started casting.  Just then a funny thing happened.  I am unsure if I had a fish or a snag but as I was bringing my line back in for another cast when the fly, tippet, and all 13' of my level line simply fell off and disappeared into the depths.  I stood there like an idiot with a "WTF?" look on my face.  Luckily I had another fly line so that my day did not come to an abrupt end.

Baltimore oriole in a tree behind me
Flowering dogwood
The unfortunate thing was that the line I had on me was a 12' horse hair fly line I made using a kit from the TenkaraBum.  Unfortunate, because the line is white and on a gray drizzly overcast day it was a little hard to see the line.  However, I definitely liked the way the line came out and how it cast. It also more than held it's own when pulling in decent sized bluegill.  The line I had made was a level line that had a 4 hair thickness throughout.

First bluegill of the day
Last bluegill of the day
I pride my self on not loosing flies when fishing.  At most I might loose two on an outing.  Today I lost two...what was more disconcerting was the fact that I lost two flies plus two fly lines as well!  One misplaced back cast and the horsehair line got buggered up in a tree and is now in sorely in need of repair.  Oh well...what can you do?  I brought a dozen good sized blue gills to hand.  A couple of flies and line is a small price to pay for a morning well spent.

Where the pond goes when it spills over the dam.


  1. You did make the very best from some bad things.

    1. What else could I do? At least I caught some fish.

  2. Kiwi, sorry to hear about the losses. You should try Randal's. It's still producing nice trout every day, and there are not people there most of the time. Of course, the trees are not there either to get your line.

    I would love to know where this millpond is though, it would be nice to drop some flies on my lunch brake

  3. The millpond is in Setauket in front of the Neighborhood House. The south side of the pond is open to anyone, the north side is part of a fishing club.
    Good tohear about Randalls. I usually dont give it much thought a few weeks after its stocked. I did pretty well there back in April.

  4. Lamento las pérdidas,pero felicitaciones por la buena pesca!!!

  5. Thanks Gerardo. The fish more than make up for the loss of lines.