Monday, September 3, 2012

It's Just About That Time

Orange Jewel weed in bloom
As many of my fellow bloggers have noted in the last few weeks, the signs of change are all around for those willing to pay attention.  My oldest daughter's first day of first grade is tomorrow but I don't that reminder to tell me what part of the year we are all passing through.

Enjoying the last few warm days of summer
I spent an hour this morning fishing for a few bluegills and taking in the beautiful morning.  It was a lazy morning and more than two dozen bluegills were willing to take a fly.  Fishing at the millpond provides one with a great sense of time and a progression of the seasons.

A small obliging bluegill with a lip full of a Kiwi's Killer
Some examples of  the change evident in the last few weeks are the blooming of golden rod and orange jewel weed and white wood aster.  The ends of some tree branches are showing some color.

A few leaves starting to turn
Even as some of the responsibilities of my wife and I will begin again tomorrow certain parental duties are nearing their end for the year.

Kids grow up so fast these days.... especially when you hatched from an egg a few months before.
The signs are there for those willing to observe and listen.  There is only a few pages left in this chapter...the next chapter....Autumn is right around the corner.


  1. There is beauty all around, we need only look.
    Wonderful post.

  2. fall, quite possibly my favorite fishing season

  3. You said it Brk Trt! Thanks.

    Blake...Mine too but then again fall is my favorite season period.

  4. Great reminder for all of us to slow down and appreciate the beauty around us, even if only for a few minutes a day! I love the changes that autumn brings. Very nice post, Kiwi.

  5. Thanks Ashley....but I would recommend slowing down for more than a few minutes everyday if you can. I think most people would generally feel better if they just do that everyday and they would realize how much they miss by not paying attention.