Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hitting the Salt

My trusty kayak
If you spend any time reading through this blog it will be readily apparent that my preferred rod to fish with is a tenkara rod and I use it in traditional as well as non-traditional manner.  If I could choose only one type of fish and location to fish, it would definitely be for brook trout on a small mountain stream.  That being said, I still fish in all sorts of locations and with all types of equipment.  Lately, with trout fishing being a little slow I have broken out the saltwater spin rod and have been going down to the harbor to catch some fluke, bluefish and striped bass.  However, today I also broke out the kayak to add some mobility and fish several locations.  My kayak is not exactly outfitted like some anglers....but it gets the job done.  The morning started at 5am and got off to a good start with a number of fluke and sea robins (usually they are a pain but they put up a decent fight) caught on bucktails.  After a few hours....and no keepers....I began to head back to the harbor entrance.  I pulled the kayak out for a stretch and decided to cast a little when I noticed another angler nailing a number of striped bass....good size ones too!  I happen to ask him what he was using  and his reply was sandworms.  These are like candy for stripers.  After a little chit-chat he insisted that I try some, which I politely refused at first.  I'm glad I changed my mind because on my first cast I fought this guy.......

33" Striped bass
It turned out to be my first of the year and a keeper to boot.  I love brookies but there is something to be said for hauling in one of these guys. Where ever you went Brian (the generous angler with the sandworms) thanks made my morning. For all of those reading this I hope your days of angling end with keepers that put a smile on your face (and maybe some filet's in your freezer).


  1. That's quite the striper. Nice catch.

  2. Thanks Brk Trt...It was a memorable fight.