Saturday, April 7, 2012

Strike One, Strike Two, Strike Three...You're Trout!

Brookie number one.
I figured the title for today's post was appropriate for several reasons.  The beginning of April is the start of trout season as well as baseball season.  Admittedly, I am more excited about trout than baseball......I'm a Met  fan....that should say it all (yes, I will still admit to being a Met fan even after the last few years).  Another reason for the title is that my first three strikes at White's Pool were all brookies.  They were all around 12" and I suspect, like last spring, that they are stocked trout that made their way downstream on the Nissequogue River from Caleb Smith State Park.  But that doesn't matter they were still fun to catch.

Number two.
A few more small yellow perch rounded out my morning.  All fish were caught on my Yamame rod and a  small bead-head olive woolly bugger.  I drastically reduced my fly selection for fishing this year and after going through most of what was in my fly box the bugger was what did the trick.  I plan on working towards a "one-fly" approach but it's a day like today that keeps me from getting there.  In the end it doesn't matter how I fish (as long as it's legal) just as long as I get a chance to get out and enjoy myself.

And number three.


  1. Hefty brookies.
    It's great you had a chance to toss some flies.
    I can relate to your pain, I'm a Red Sox fan.

  2. Stocked or not those are some nice healthy fish. Looks like they have been eating well :) Why not add a Bugger or two to their diet :) Nice pics and post. Tight Lines.

  3. Brk Trt...The first one was hefty enough to now be taking up residence in my freezer. The others, like the other 99% of fish I catch, were let go so I can catch them again next week. At least you were not 13 when your team last one a world series.

    Trout MaGee...Thanks. The bugger is just one of those flies that should always be in your fly box. My buggers are for trout like that and when I go "bassin."

  4. Nice job Kiwi getting on the board in 2012 ! Not really a baseball fan, but being a NY Jet fan, I can feel your pain !

  5. Thanks Mark. Not only am I a Met fan but but I'm also a Dolphin fan....What's that telling you about how my sports teams have performed for me. While I'm at at, I went to grad school at Penn State and am a Nittany Lions fan...What a year!

  6. Good to see a report from White's. Nice.

  7. Moveitfred...Thanks, I plan on providing a few more in the next few weeks.