Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Fly To Be Named Later (12/08/11 UPDATE: aka THE GREEN HORNET)

A fly that needs a name
One of the fun things about creating new flies is the chance to name them.  I like trying to come up with catchy names for flies that have a certain ring to them, that make them standout, or reveal something about the place they come from or the purpose they were created for.  Occasionally I have a difficult time with this little task.  In the past there have been times I have asked for help from other anglers.  This is another of those times.  Krystal flash is a useful fly tying material and can be found in many patterns ranging from fresh to saltwater.  I have used it several times on other sakasa kebari, in the body or tail of the fly.  So for this fly I thought why not mix in with the hackle for an extra trigger.  I think it may make for a useful fly but ultimately that is for the trout to decide.  However, I could use help in the name department.  So here is the deal....for the angler who can come up with the "catchiest" name I will send you a 1/2 dozen of these guys to try out on your home waters.  I look forward to hearing some of your suggestions.

Unnamed Fly
Hook: Mustad C49S, scud hook, size 12
Hackle: Hungarian partridge and Krystal flash
Collar: peacock herl
Body: Pearsall's gossamer silk thread, highlander green

Photo taken out of focus to highlight krystal flash


  1. I like the krystal flash, is it hackled or just tied-in in front of the hackle? As far as the name goes, how about "the green hornet"?

  2. Might the name be....."Celtic Kebari"

  3. I dunno , its blowing a gale here right now and just the shape of the thing looks like a inside out umbrella. So how about the busted brolly....,,,,,

  4. Thanks guys! I like everyone of the suggestions so far and it will be hard to pick one. I'm going to wait one more day to see if anyone still wants to chime in and then I'll pick one of the names tomorrow.

  5. Nice shade of green, almost emerald in color. I would go with Emerarudo (Japanese for emerald) kebari

  6. OK guys I had a VERY difficult time deciding which name to go with. I have made my choice but before I reveal it I want to thank you for your suggestions. Even though I may not have chosen your suggestion, the names themselves have given me ideas for new flies. So as a bonus I'm going to send each of the "runner-ups" three flies each. Just e-mail me your address (send to lowkuh@hotmail.com) and what color fly you would like, it doesn't have to be highlander green (I have many of the Pearsall's colored silks)and I'll send them to you. Now for the winner...(insert drum roll)..."The Green Hornet". Congrats Karel! I think I still have your address but please send it again just in case. I will send you a 1/2 dozen ASAP. Thanks again guys! I think I now know how to name flies when I'm stumped.

    PS Karel...It's not hackled, just tied in at the front carefully before the hackled is tied on.

  7. Green hornet is a great name! That was the first thing that popped into my brain but Karel beat me to it.

  8. Chris - just got home from a little vacation just to find the a very nice letter and a half dozen of the green hornets! I am very excited especially since I forgot to subscribe to the follow-up comments and didn't even know I won! I am looking forward to fish those this Spring and a report will of course follow! Thanks!