Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October Is A Time For Fall Colors and Punk Rock

The Punk Rock Sakasa Kebari

When I go fly fishing I generally only like to fish flies that I have tied myself.  There is a certain extra sense of satisfaction I get from knowing that a fish brought to hand was done so with a fly I tied.  However, every once in a while I see a fly that I would like to fish and I propose a "mini swap" with the creator of the interesting fly.  A few weeks ago I saw just such a fly.  The Punk Rock Sakasa Kebari is the creation of Ashley Valentine of LearnTenkara.com.  Ashley (generously) offered to send anyone some of her flies to try out and give their feedback. I immediately proposed a mini-swap and Ashley and I exchanged some flies.  This past weekend was my first opportunity to go fishing since receiving them.

With my 11' Iwana in hand and only a some Punk Rock's and some of my own Royal Sakasa Kebari's I hit the trail to have a little outdoor enjoyment.  The effects of Hurricane Irene are still plainly visible  along many streams in the Hudson Valley and after last weeks "adventure" in the Adirondacks  I wonder if I was going to have similar luck.  After a few casts....nothing was biting so I moved onto the next pool.  This was repeated several times and I began to think "come on! not again!"  Then I felt the first little tug and my attitude changed.  Within a few minutes I had my first brookie.

First Brookie on a PRSK
It didn't take very long before I had several more.  I'm pleased to say the Punk Rock Sakasa Kebari performed very well.  In fact I finished out the rest of the outing without changing to any of my flies.  I also like the fly for aesthetic reasons.  Like Tenkara, the fly is a simple tie consisting of hook, an olive colored thread body and a purple starling hackle that has great motion in the water.  When wet the colors are very "life-like."  Ashley only began tying a couple of months ago but I believe she is well on her way to becoming a very good fly tier. 

I love catching these guys!
Bottom line...If you can only have a couple of flies in your box, this is probably a good pattern to have.  Going fishing is always a kind of highlight to any weekend for me but nothing beats spending it with my wife and the two little angels.

Alina and Bella enjoying some hot apple cider donuts at the orchard
I ask you, what could be a better weekend then spending time with family, going on hayrides, visiting pumpkin patches, enjoying cider and donuts and catching brook trout?


  1. Nice post, Chris! Maybe we can talk Ashley in adding a Punk Rock to the TUSA Swap V...

  2. Thanks Karel. It's a good idea but even if she doesn't, I'm sure she would send you a couple in a "mini-swap". I think she would like some of your flies like the Blue Poison SK or Shaggy Caddis.

  3. What an enjoyable read.
    Great photos.
    But you know whats best... kids and donuts.

    Well done Kiwi.

  4. Punk Rock is rocking...great looking fly!

  5. Mmmmm....donuts.

    Nice to see the success of a new pattern.

  6. Great looking fly. Simple but quite effective for sure. Great Pics and Fish. Hayrides, doughnuts and cider with the fam, it gets no better. Tight Lines.

  7. Brk Trt, e.m.b., T!, & Trout Magee...Thanks very much. I'm sure Ashley will appreciate the compliments about her fly. I think I should devote a post to apple cider donuts...seems everyone likes them!

  8. Wow! Thanks everyone for the kind words about the PRSK!! I'm tying a different fly for the TUSA Fly Swap, but it is very similar to the PRSK. And yes, as Kiwi said, if you would like to get your hands on one of my flies, let me know!! I would love to send you some! :)