Tuesday, March 22, 2011


When I decided to start this blog, I had one purpose in mind. I wanted to keep an electronic journal of my thoughts and observations on nature and my fishing experiences.  I would include some pictures of the kids for the few friends and family I thought would take a look at it.  I never really thought about the fact that there would be people from around the world who would actually look forward to reading and commenting on my posts.  However, I have found that this interaction with others who have similar interests and passions has come to be the part of blogging that I look forward to most.  On a daily basis, I look forward to reading other blogs for entertainment, ideas, stories, and just great pictures of nature.  In addition, reading other blogs has introduced me to other aspects of blogging.  One of these concepts is "blog-love", which is nothing more than someone using their blog to point out something really cool, interesting, or noteworthy about someone else's blog. The first time I received some blog-love was from Troutrageous!  It was pretty cool to see the attention to my blog due to some nice comments from a hilarious and respected member of the blogging community.  Now it high time I due the same for someone who has an equally outstanding blog.  Small Stream Reflections is a blog I have been following for almost as long as it has been out there. 

"South Bog"
 Alan at small stream reflections has created a blog that I find appealing for many reasons.  My favorite aspect of his blog are the settings in which he fishes.  I have fished in all sorts of places for everything from striped bass to small pond bluegills.  My favorite way to fish above all is to catch small stream brookies in secluded woodland settings like those depicted in Alan's blog.  It can be challenging and there is an intimacy with your environment that can not be found anywhere else. You can easily get a feel for this type of fishing when reading Small Stream Refelections. I am also fascinated with his ability to create beautiful streamers.  Recently we swapped some flies (the ones pictured here are his creations), to which I am very grateful.  They are works of art unto themselves and I always look forward to his posts on them. 

"Poudre Canyon Special"
 I highly recommend that you take a look at his site when you have an opportunity.  It is well worth following.  The only thing I suggest is that if you are hungry, don't look at his site as that will only make you hungrier!

The last picture has nothing to due with blog love.  It's a picture of the two little girls I love the most!

Bella and Alina


  1. Thanks for the wonderful write up.
    Glad the flies arrived OK.
    The last photo, precious.

  2. Alan's blog is really a gem. Always tastefully done, and the food pics...don't even get me (& my belly) started.

    BTW - your girls are absolute dolls. How can one not smile looking at the two of them giggling.

  3. Alan, your more than welcome...keep those posts coming.

    Troutrageous, Thanks. But don't let the little one's smile fool you....at times she has a mean left hook! But, I could never have asked for two better kids.

  4. Great post! Yeah, it's a weird and wild ride in the blogosphere isn't it. I love "Small Stream" as well but haven't been over to check on things lately. Thanks for the reminder. I love this feeling that we everyday anglers have a voice and am very impressed by the quality I'm finding out there. You've summed up my feelings.


  5. Hi Kiwi..I actually "found" your blog thru SSR, and glad I did..will be looking forward to more quality posts..